Bookkeeping consulting and administration

In this field we provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping consulting and administrationAccountancy revision focused on methodology of bookkeeping technique and observance of the standards stipulated in tax laws and conformity of the bookkeeping outputs with the tax return. The revision is closed by means of an exclusive detailed report to be used internally in the company,
  • Conversion of the Czech accountancy system into international accountancy standards,
  • Bookkeeping recovery,
  • Consulting service for company accountants,
  • Training of accountants,
  • Solution and solution proposal of complicated bookkeeping cases
  • Drafts of an accountancy schedule on the basis of the business plan and client´s requirements,
  • Drafts of analytic evidence, system of centres, orders, operative evidence and balance sheets

Moreover, we provide for bookkeeping management for business and non-business subjects – complete processing of the bookkeeping agenda in our company offices which may, on the basis of an agreed specification, include:

  • Complete accounting focused on outputs for managers and the company management (evaluation of orders, centres accounting and the like)
  • Preparation and posting of all the book entries into the monetary and main book
  • Cash book administration
  • Administration of operative evidence reviews
  • Print of individual sets and presenting them to the client
  • Calculation of the cash flow
  • Providing information on the company economic situation as per the request of a client
  • Breakdown of individual sets directly in the seat of a client
  • Drawing up the documents for tax return in the following fields: income tax, VAT, road tax and any other kinds of tax
  • Complete administration of payroll agenda incl. communication with bodies of the Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies
  • Periodical reports for the client on their company situation, presentation of an operative balance
  • Training and schooling of accountants of the individual bookkeeping units in accordance with their requirements