In this field we offer:

  • Preparation of tax return for which we take over all the responsibility stipulated in the law,
  • Documents for tax return,
  • Complete services of tax consulting in the field of all kinds of taxes:
    • Physical and legal person income tax Tax consultation
    • VAT
    • Consumption tax
    • Road tax
    • Property tax
    • Heritage tax, gift tax and real estate transfer tax
    • Tax and fees administration
  • Negotiations with financial authority offices based on power of attorneys,
  • Preparation for check up by financial authority offices
  • Representing clients in questions of taxes and fees before the official bodies
  • Internal revision of bookkeeping and tax evidence aimed onto respecting standards stipulated by respective tax regulations, results of which are determined just for the internal need of entrepreneurs. In frame of such revisions we arrange for a complete delivery for correctness of a tax return and an optimal and correct tax result,
  • Representing clients in negotiations connected with the tax processing law in negotiations with the state administration bodies and on trial.

Moreover, we provide consultation services in the field of international taxation.