"If you want to establish a big company establish first yourselves", Tomáš Baťa.

In the present dynamic time you cannot do it alone, for that you need us and our services!


Taxway Legal is a service website lead by a experienced and independent team of experts dedicated to entrepreneurs, private persons and in certain cases even for the state and public administration bodies.    

Uniqueness of our services lies in the following facts:

  • Comprehensiveness of the provided services inheriting all the branches which must be undertaken and observed by the subject during its activity in order to be successful,
  • Personal provision by a unique team of independent highly qualified experts specialized in the individual business fields equipped with respective certificates needed for doing their profession,
  • Flexibility and rationality of our services,
  • Individual client´s approach and care,
  • Our awareness of the quick and moreover accelerating development in all the branches of the business environment and conviction of necessity of monitoring the changes in progress and their application in companies.

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