It means mainly audit of bookkeeping and of the company economy incl. the auditor´s report of the situation of the accountancy evidence, final accounts and economy.


It means the analysis of the company efficiency and its strong and weak sides which cannot be discovered on a basis of an entrepreneurs experience only and/or intuitive or extensive control approaches. The aim is to find out a real and undistorted efficiency of the company and consequently its perspectives. That should contribute to an objective and correct decision of the management and the company owners.

We arrange for both financial static and dynamic analysis and proportional financial analysis.

The financial analysis will be made both by means of a percentage breakdown or calculation of main proportional indicators, i.e.:
  • Liquidity - it means an ability to pay for the debts
  • Activity - to znamená schopnosti rychle využívat svého majetku
  • Indebtedness and financial structure y
  • Turnover
  • Profitability

We can make also other forms of analysis like the Altman´s analysis with the calculation of the Altman´s index and the like. On the basis of an agreement we shall make a strategic analysis of the company situation on the market and its perspectives regarding present macroeconomic factors and competition environment.
At the end of the analysis we shall judge completely further perspectives of the company and shall formulate our suggestions for the company management.

Due diligence

In case of acquiring, acquisition or other directives of companies, enterprises and the like we provide for the so called due diligence thanks to which it is possible to prevent possible legal problems in the future. The aim of the due diligence is a control of legal and economic situation of the companies and enterprises on which basis in accordance with the client´s instructions final reports (letters) on the situation of the planned subject of the purchase are made and out of this resulting recommendations how to optimize the transaction in the way which shall enable the client to make future legal disputes as less as possible. The report (letter) is addressed to the statuary body or the owner. The due diligence contains the so called statuary audit, legal audit and IT audit. In many cases it is extended with a separate tax audit incl. verification of tax return.


We assist the management of the company to manage its operation. At the same time we analyse not only the internal situation of the company, the system of its management, the entrepreneur´s business plan, quick liquid assets, but simultaneously we also judge the permanent control of external assets and knowledge, information treatment of the competition. Our attention in building up a controlling system is specially paid to:
  • Formulating the targets
  • Budget creation and following its realization, evaluation and conclusions
  • Evaluation of plan deviations and formulating subsequent decisions
  • Continuous consulting
  • Creation of the firm methodology and development of managerial bookkeeping

The system is understood by us as the unification of a set of elements with plural relation and regulations for element manipulation.